About Joan Michel

About Me

I’ve been working in the field of management consulting for about 20 years first as an Army civilian and then as a consultant serving government and nonprofit clients. I started the graduate program in 2019 so that I’d learn some of the theory behind what I’d been practicing. Each one of the classes I’ve taken so far has been incredibly relevant to what I do every day to serve my clients.

My firm, Profile Partners, is a six-person firm that specializes in working with government and nonprofit agencies. Our current clients include the Army, the Navy, National Archives, some state agencies, and a handful of nonprofits. I’m really excited to use the skills and knowledge from this course to better serve my clients.

When I’m not working or doing homework, I spend time with my husband, kids, their partners, and of course all of our dogs. My absolute favorite place to be is on our sailboat on the Chesapeake, with our firepit in the back yard running a close second.

This year, my husband Jeff joined my company as CFO so we have had SO VERY MUCH together time — me teleworking in the basement and him on the second floor. But I think we’re closer than ever and I count my blessings that my family has emerged from last year’s trauma relatively whole.


My gang at Christmas: Spouse Jeff (left), Daughter Ella who is holding Fig, me, Son Ian who is holding partner Danna who is holding a Christmas decoration. Not in shot — Olive the Jack Russel and Belle the Sheltie.

Family time