Serving clients more knowledgeably

By Joan

Last year my firm was hired to work as a “one-stop-operator” for one of Maryland’s regional workforce networks. The concept for a workforce network flows from federal legislation that compels Departments of Social Services, Labor Licensing and Regulation, Housing, Education, community colleges, and employment agencies to work as an integrated unit to bring job seekers a holistic suite of support services. The idea is that an unemployed person who is disabled and on the verge of losing his house can go to a “one-stop shop” of social services that helps him overcome all barriers.

In a nutshell my job is to get government agencies who have completely different missions and metrics to work together in a collaborative manner. These agencies also all have different cultures and so this work is a genuine challenge for me, even though I am an experienced consultant. No doubt, this is a major change effort and I recognized that I don’t have all of the tools and expertise to help my clients truly succeed.

My immediate career goal is to serve my clients more knowledgeably and confidently. I also would like to expand my support to federal laboratories and help agency leaders create more entrepreneurial organizations. I have had three consulting engagements like this, loved them, and I’d like to focus more of my future practice on this (very) niche market. I’m excited to be pitching NASA on Monday!

When this course is over, I intend to take the next course in the OD&C series. And then probably another one until the certificate is completed. I’ve been making tuition payments for my kids for NINE years and now that I only have two payments left on their college and graduate degrees, it’s probably my turn. At this point, I am interested in pursuing the MPS degree program, but will make the decision to apply further down the road.

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